We help Ohio mineral owners sell their property for the highest price possible.


Our interests are aligned with the seller’s interests in every way. We have lived and worked in eastern Ohio almost our entire lives and we want what’s best for our friends and neighbors. That includes getting you the most money for your mineral rights. We do this buy showcasing your property to our contact list of 100+ mineral buyers from across the United States and helping you negotiate the terms of each offer.

We are not your typical real estate team - not only do we have decades of experience and a great reputation in the areas of real estate sales and auctions, but we also have on staff a petroleum engineer and a geologist who are experts in the Utica-Point Pleasant Shale of eastern Ohio. Our unique combination of talents allows us to understand the value of your property and communicate that value to potential buyers.

If you are ready to learn more about listing your mineral rights with us, contact one of our agents and we will be happy to explain the process.